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Q: What type of rental properties do you manage?

A: We manage residential real estate in the Johnson County, Kansas area. We primarily manage 1 to 4 unit properties and are open to larger multifamily properties as well. We do not do commercial property management.

Q: How much rent can I get for my house?

A: Many factors can affect the rent price on a home, such as location, cleanliness, layout, etc. To receive a rental estimate please contact our office to set up an appointment.

Q: How do you find renters?

A: Homes are advertised on the rentals.com network of sites. All homes are also advertised on our company web site, with customers being driven to this site from all the major search engines, affiliate real estate agents, mortgage brokers, and other strategic web advertising. We do not recommend print media.

Q: How long will it take to find a renter?

A: Homes are priced to get a lease signed within 3-6 weeks of the listing date, though there is no guarantee.

Q: Do your agents show our house?

A: YES, we personally show properties to potential tenants. Many management companies are going to a system where prospects come to the office, get a key, view the property and return the key after viewing. This process is poor service, and leaves property owners vulnerable to theft and losses.

Q: How do you qualify a tenant to rent my house?

A: Tenant screening is the most crucial step in property management. We verify credit, employment, income, criminal background and sex offender registries. We also get references from previous landlord/management.

Q: How do you make sure homes are being taken care of?

A: Homes are inspected routinely during maintenance calls, or a minimum of once a quarter through furnace filter replacement.

Q: What happens if a tenant stops paying rent?

A: If a tenant falls 15 days behind, we immediately go to eviction. While we screen carefully to avoid this situation, we understand the concern it can pose to investors and provide eviction protection as an additional service.

Q: How much do you charge for management?

A: We charge a flat rate of $59.95 per month while occupied with a paying tenant. If the tenant does not pay rent, we do not charge out management fee.

Q: Are your rates negotiable?

A: No, but we do have preset discounts for volume customers.

Q: Do you have a tenant placement fee?

A: Yes, it is 50% of the first months rent.

Q: Are there any other administrative fees?

A: No, all administrative costs have been included in our monthly management fee.

Q: Am I responsible for doing repairs?

A: No, all small repairs will be handled with our staff handyman. Certain repairs require special licensing, we have a network of reputable contractors that we can coordinate with to complete said repairs.

Q: Will I be notified about repairs?

A: Yes. Any repairs under $200 will be completed and you will be notified via e-mail at that time. If a repair is going to be more than $200 we will do our best to contact you, but in the end if it needs done we will manage accordingly to protect our owners interest.

Q: What do you charge for repairs?

A: Repair costs vary depending on skill level needed and time to complete. We work hard and fast to keep costs down and usually save owners 30-60% over using a different contractor.

Q: When a repair can not be done in house, do you markup the contractor’s price?

A: No, you will be charged at the contractor’s price. We do have an hourly fee to meet with contractors if that is necessary.

Q: If a repair can’t be done within your company, can I use the contractor of my choice?

A: Yes, it is your investment; we do ask that all contractors be licensed and insured.

Q: How informed will I be about my property?

A: Ultimately we assume you hired a property manager because you don’t want the headache. We communicate much more frequently during the leasing phase. Once a property is leased, we communicate minimally, primarily if a repair comes up. Of course you are always welcome to ask us any questions.

Q: Do I receive a check for collected rents?

A: We prefer the method of wiring rents to clients instead of mailing out checks every month. If you prefer a check, it can be arranged.

Q: Do I pay the management fees and repairs separately?

A: No, management fees and repair costs are deducted from collected rents, and then the proceeds are wired to clients.

Q: Do I receive a monthly statement?

A: No, we have online reporting software for our owners. You can login at any time and down load any reports you need.

Q: How are maintenance requests handled?

A: All maintenance requests are in writing. We provide numerous ways, from e-mail, fax, online form, and yes snail mail for tenants to submit these requests. We do currently allow veriied residents to call in maintenance concerns.

Q: How long does it take to get to a maintenance request?

A: Excluding emergency repairs, we average around 14 hours from the time the maintenance request was received to the initial inspection of the problem. Emergency repairs are just that, we drop everything and go!

Q: Do you also sell properties?

A: No, we do not sell properties, nor profit from the sale of properties. We do network with sales agents all over Kansas City and would be happy to recommend an agent from our affiliate program.

Q: What time length is your management agreement for?

A: We do not mandate a long term agreement like some management companies. You may sever the agreement at any time. We ask for 30 days notice to forward a copy of all paperwork to you.

Q: How soon can you start managing my property?

A: Prior to managing any property, a management agreement must be signed and the property must have a walk through inspection done to make sure it will provide a safe and healthy environment for tenants. Schedule a meeting today and we can get a home listed very quickly.

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